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Comprehensive approach to solving legal problems

About us

I am the founder and the head of the law office, Kryvoshey Maryna Borysivna. I have been practicing in the professional field since 1995. I have the skills of leading the disputes flexibly, understanding the issue of the conflicts, being master in negotiations due my experience to do important work as an central Government employee. I often found and involved experts for working out comprehensive solutions of complex tasks .

I advise the enterprises and the entrepreneurs on business matters, provide the legal assistance in private issues for business owners and CEOs. I have an essential professional’s experience on court practice.


My priorities:

The efficiency is an essential advantage in work and life.

The big amount of gained disputes must be well-grounded with a solution of the real tasks of the client.

The lifelong learning.

The team building approach.

To achieve a result in business it must been taken into account and respected the professional attitude and the private position of the client.

Marina Krivoshey


Experience and practice

Among the thousands of disputes, I ‘d like to lay emphasis near 100 which are complicate and more important. The experience of collaboration with big business in the process of privatization of a state property. The team working and the support of a big operations with commercial property, the privatization of the state property, such as PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "DNEPROVSKY IRON & STEEL INTEGRATED WORKS", including the carrying out due diligence, the experience of negotiations with the state authorities.


We have a successful experience in project team collaboration and legal support in the following areas:

  • Metallurgy
  • Recreation
  • Tourism
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Construction
  • Privatization of state property
  • Sport
  • Information Technology
  • Museum law


Legal representation

From January 1, 2019, in courts of any legal authority the presence of an advocate (barrister) will have been provide for legal representation in cases. For today, this rule is not true only with the courts of the first instance.

For today, this rule is not true only with the courts of the first instance. The law office "Kryvoshey" will competently and promptly provide the legal protection of legal entities and natural persons.


For the natural persons

We provide the representation of clients' interests in administrative courts, including on a payment of taxes and obligatory payments to the State and local budgets.

In litigations and arbitrage, we support the land disputes, the disputes about real estate ownership or lease, the distribution of property, the execution and termination of investment and loan agreements.


To resolve a controversial issue, especially if it concerns of a family dispute, or a dispute between two people who are disposed hostilely to each other, it is important to understand the cause of the dispute, if it involves different convictions, and eliminate them.

We know how to conduct the reconciliation procedures, we have the experience in mediation and coaching skills, we help people to understand and formulate their needs in the legal issue, to hear the arguments of the opponent and to find a mutually beneficial solution.

 For the legal entities

We provide the judicial protection for state and private enterprises and organizations in administrative and economic courts, courts of general jurisdiction.

There are good results in such cases on litigation:

About the lawless double sales of the same land plots.

About the compensation of damages to a client and a contractor on the basis of the invalid construction process.

About the inheritance.

about the division of a joint property.

On the additional extra charge of taxes and penalties for their non-payment

On the real estate property right

On the land title

On the collection of a debt on economic and credit agreements

Corporate disputes

About the rescission of contracts


The legal advice service

The legal advice is effective for a client if you need to figure out how to put the question a lawyer exactly. The simple citations from the laws have never helped anyone.

We engage the profile specialists in the work in accordance with the needs of a client.

The most common areas of consultations, that we practice, are:

Consulting areas:

For legal persons:

Economic law

Land law

Real Estate Agreements

Tax law

Employment Law

For natural persons:

Family law

Inheritance law

Maintenance of partnerships of CMAB

Land law

Complex service

If the company does not have an in-house lawyer, we provide services of continuous and qualitative legal assistance under the conditions of outsourcing.

This kind of cooperation has several advantages. Firstly, we reduce the time the director spent to search and control the qualified lawyers.

Secondly, We find respect specialists for providing up-scale solutions for each task.


Complex service includes:

Complex service includes the work out and the implementation of new contracts, as well as analysis of contracts concluded before

The inspection and the support for the formalization of employment relations

Consultations on taxation

the assistance in negotiations with contractors and customers

Legal assistance in conducting tax and other audits

The legal representation in the courts



+38 (050) 311 72 79

+38 (044) 490 34 26 (27)



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